Assessments are critical to understanding the health and optimization of the environment and infrastructure. By consulting with the client to understand the constraints and applying best-practice solutions to resolve the bottlenecks, JN Hale can speed up slow login times, increase user productivity, and eliminate security vulnerabilities and downtime.

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Entire Infrastructure

End-to-end review of your entire environment. All aspects are considered to ensure optimal performance for your system.

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Specified Areas

No project too small to have it reviewed and have Citrix standards and recommendation applied to achieve maximum efficiency through optimization.

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NetScaler/ADC Improvements

Netscaler/ADC is a device that allows external users to securely log in to your environment over public internet from anywhere.

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Compliance Auditing

Review and verify that all versions are current and fully supported to vendors best practice standards to stay in compliance.

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Cloud Integration

JN Hale specializes in leveraging cloud technologies with Citrix systems to streamline the user experience.

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Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning ensures your business will always be prepared in the event of sudden interruptions.