Managed Services

The Benefits of Managed Services

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End-User Experience

Extended login times and sluggish desktops can be an immediate source of frustration for end-users. Increase productivity and workflow with tailored optimizations.

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Strategic Planning

Between current releases and upgrades, juggling the constant change in Citrix can be a challenge. Ensure compliance with minimal downtime.

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Immediate Support

Ensure uninterrupted workflow with dedicated US Based support teams available 24/7

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Endpoint Management

Citrix allows work to be conducted on any device, anywhere at anytime.

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Cloud Services

Business continuity across all applications powered by cloud solutions ensure you always have access to your data.


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Issue Remediation

The constant evolution of the IT landscape can result inefficiencies in your Citrix environment. JN Hale can resolve and eliminate pain points.

Why Managed Services?

Managed Services provide unique advantages when compared to the traditional IT approach. This dynamic translates to increased employee productivity by aggressive reductions in downtime due to outages, upgrades, and other various issues. Your IT staff can flourish by diverting their attention to the immediate goals and refocusing on critical, core responsibilities. Vulnerable on-site data is moved to multi-cloud storage zones and company issued desktops become relics of the past.

Financially, managed services requires just a small initial investment from the time it’s approved to its operational stage. By transitioning the IT solutions from a capital expense to an operational expense our clients can expect a predictable monthly expense instead of large, extremely expensive hardware deployments. On top of immediate support, clients are now able to provision and decommission users and desktops in minutes, further improving the economy of scale.

Operationally, clients can expect reduced downtime, improved user productivity and satisfaction, and simplified management. By utilizing on-prem, hosted, and hybrid cloud solutions, business continuity becomes a primary focus with seamless results.